Electrical Safety Tips To Follow in Your Brooklyn Home

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Replace electric cords with frayed wires or worn spots

Never staple or nail electric cords or wires to walls or baseboards

Don’t place electric cords under carpets or furniture

Don’t overload or connect extension cords to other extension cords

Don’t overload outlets or power strips

If an outlet or wall plate feels hot, shut off the circuit and have it inspected by a licensed electrician

Use safety covers on outlets

Unplug unused appliances

Inspect  outlets for loose connections or corrosion- call an electrician

A tear-drop shaped darkening by an outlet or plate could be a sign of heat build up

Know where your breaker panel is located

Use surge protectors

Replace missing or broken plates

*Always have emergency and service  numbers on hand

 Have a fire extingusher on each floor

Review Your Homeowners Insurance

Take pictures of  each room in your home – store offsite

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