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Buying A Home in Brooklyn Could Be More Affordable Than Renting 

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On the fence about buying a home in Brooklyn.  Rental fees  in Brooklyn will continue to rise.  Currently mortgage interest rates are still at all time lows.  Now maybe a good time to buy a home in Brooklyn .  Meet with a local mortgage banker who can help you determine if you would be able to comfortably  carry a mortgage along with your other expenses.  

2017 Rental Affordability Report.

Reason  To Buy Brooklyn Real Estate:

– interest  rates are at an all time low

– FHA min downpayment is 3.5% –   funds can be gifted from

   family members

– You are paying your landlords mortgage- why not pay your

   own mortgage and reap the benefits.

– There is  inventory available

– A mortgage is a form of long term savings

– With a fixed mortgage your monthly payments are the same  throughout the loan period, as  a tenant your rents will  increase every year.

– Mortgage interest is tax deductible- your rent is not.

When you are ready to buy a home in Brooklyn 

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